Smart take cupboard farewell canteen queue

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
WeChat order, choose dishes, WeChat pay, take meal reservation time, the process move your fingers on your phone and then go to the canteen queue from class, just go to only take food on the ark with steaming food. This is the mode - no one restaurant - Intelligent taking meals ark ( founpad) Smart take cupboard smart take cupboard is a Internet + smart hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, after the mobile system automatically send text message to the user, then with the meal number ( Qr code) In the smart take meal ark take meal can, provide convenient take-out access services on time. We have learned, now on the market does not common heating with microwave, infrared, to heat a meal, the fastest also want to two minutes. In order to let the consumer can eat hot food, we after exploration over and over again, under the joint efforts of the team to develop the function of a constant temperature heating intelligent sideboard. Solve the office worker or a student class in school work at ark take meal can take meal. Intelligent take food tank system front-end hardware and software, with the restaurant after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, integrates restaurant intelligent management. Just in the phone WeChat endpoint meal, solve the problem of concentrated time dining at the same time improve the canteen dining environment, at the same time improve the efficiency of ordering a meal in a restaurant and management, improve the whole order customer experience with class restaurant.
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