Smart take cupboard make dining-room 'rescue'

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
When the restaurant from the kitchen to the front desk do have the scientific standard of smart restaurants, the restaurant will perfect solve the problem of service, environment, and rate of turn table. Customers from into ordering a meal in a restaurant to eat with just only using a mobile phone can complete, how? When customers into the smart restaurant, customers can use their phones to sweep code order order, then the products through the information transmission hutch upon arrival, when the food is ready by the track food sent to intelligence from cupboard, and inform the customer can enjoy gourmet dishes is complete, it compared with the traditional restaurants, greatly save the customer's order and waiting time. Many restaurants, customer order is through the waiter handwritten menu, and sent to the kitchen, the whole link at least five minutes. But also have to ensure that customers have no hesitate to order choose dishes, at the same time, the waiter quickly record and clear chef able to read it. This way, the customer waiting time is longer, however - smart restaurants - Customer order 'self service', 'smart take cupboard' take meals do restaurant on artificial derived a series of problems. Intelligent catering to various restaurants in our company is a complete set of solutions. Scientific, standardization, intelligent catering system that can effectively enhance working efficiency by more than 70%, this on the rent is high, the high cost of raw materials, the problem of high labor costs are improved significantly. Science and technology change life, smart work wonders. More and more people enjoy the advantages of smart, in terms of restaurant, service personnel only need to responsible for placing and catering eliminate all other processes. In terms of meals, originally the waiter needs to delivery to the customer, now just put unified user meal take food on ark, save time and effort and can solve the trouble of take food need to line up!
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