Smart take food ark is how to improve the business delivery transaction number?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
In the rapid development of society, a time to eat, don't feel like cooking a lot of people will have the time or have no time to cook. At this time, people are habitual by mobile phone to point of delivery, not too much long time delivery little elder brother will send the meal to your in front, is very convenient. For businesses, however, delivery and distribution is an important part of the customer experience, because it is direct contact with the customers, if the delivery and distribution problems, bad review, it will cause customers will affect businesses into the shop, and after buying rate conversion ratio. So choose a good shipping method can greatly increase the competitiveness of the take-away merchants. To solve delivery pain points, our company independent research and development of intelligent sideboard, using advanced technology such as mobile payments, Internet of things, relying on strong operating businesses distribution ability and the cooperation of the crowded store layout, online reservation online to build intelligence platform to meet customer demand, offline in the areas of stream of people, make convenient health food distribution station automatically, finally achieved the purpose of efficient service customer, intelligent take cupboard can realize intelligent insulation, heating, and other functions, consumers don't choke must time in food, cold and afraid of delivery and affect the taste. Customers can order at any time and place, to choose delivery time, don't have to worry about food spoilage. Users take food process is simple and quick, take meal steps are as follows: 1, reach the stored wine ark before 2, in take food tank side, there is a touch screen, from ark captcha input button; Or in the code window, aim the phone validation of generated qr code window, cupboard door will open automatically; 3, open the door take meal can be smart to take meal ark save consumers order and equipotential time, promote efficiency of repast, for restaurant business is lower labor costs, improve business delivery the number of transactions, increase the number of orders and double channel, increase the profit of the shop, restaurant if you want to go further, smart take cupboard is indispensable.
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