Smart take sideboards provide convenient take-out access services on time

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Catering industry docking delivery platform is an important part of the food and beverage operations survive, but in the process of delivery and distribution will appear the following companies to headaches, such as: customers order delivery delay delivery to customers, lead to customer to get the food dish is cool, intelligent sideboards scheme, melancholy for big businesses. Intelligent cupboard and dining-room front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, after customers through the phone order, the system automatically send text message to the user, the data incoming sideboard, customers rely on the meal number ( Qr code) Take meal can in smart take food to the models achieve more intelligent take food, without staff meals for your turn. Do it can optimize the environment of the restaurant, at the same time delivery member member, phone call meal person no one take meal on take-away unified, the system automatically send text messages to users prompt, timely remind order user self service meal, provide convenient take-out access services on time, improve the efficiency and distribution in the process of security. Through to the user class market investigation, from the campus, to the white-collar, and family, can be placed intelligent cupboard, convenient user order, take food, meal, online payment, realize mistake trading records, food safety traceability and realize the fast delivery and collection of food. Not only improve the user experience, delivered its concentration distribution pattern also greatly improve the efficiency of distribution. Is also a intelligent, humane, safe convenient service project.
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