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Tax kiosks can provide what service?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Tax self-service terminal equipment are using it in many current revenue, it not only can bring many convenience to taxpayers, and improve the work efficiency for revenue. However, tax kiosks can provide what service? The following information is to tell you. 1, IC card self-help tax VAT tax kiosks to provide self-service tax service, we need to submit data from the enterprise tax-controlled IC card anti-counterfeiting tax-controlled tax online system, automatic trigger a window at the same time, in the case of the comparison by automatically achieve IC reset to unlock the enterprise, without human intervention taxpayers tax process, simple operation entity. 2, the special VAT invoice scanning certification self-help professional invoice or commercial invoice, tax can scan verify kiosks, because the system has a blur correction function. Enterprise can scan certification VAT commercial invoice, complete invoice deduction certification business is dealt with. 3, freight invoice self-help certification to provide self-service freight invoice scanning certification service, users can use tax self-help terminal system scan freight invoice, and the data after scanning through the freight invoice authentication interface automatically incoming freight invoice backend systems. Tax kiosks also can realize automatic switching freight invoice and value-added tax invoices, without manual adjustment set, operation is very simple and practical. 4, application of electronic tax kiosks to provide self-service electronic function, generally small-scale enterprises can directly through the tax kiosks to fill out and submit the declaration data; While the average taxpayer can through the way of medium import, will be collected by the national tax administration of general software generated standard filing submitted to the collection and management system. 5, self-help business results to print tax kiosks provides a variety of print, self-help business to handle voucher can achieve certification listing, tax voucher and filing notice printed as a result, regional localization can be configured, thereby increasing the man-machine interactive. 6, tax-controlled tills self-help tax tax kiosks to provide self-service business tax IC card tax service, self-service system reads, corporate tax in the IC card data, and through the interface to business background system, do not need to read up card can complete equipment. 7, fords the tax policy query tax collection self-help terminal system commonly used taxpayers tax policy, information and the latest developments in tax, available to the enterprise tax consulting. 8, background management system of tax kiosks background monitor management system, tax authorities to monitor management within the scope of the self-service terminal status and statistical analysis of all kinds of business data, the system to provide multiple query, statistic methods, in order to meet the tax department management work. Tax self-service terminal services provided by the above eight main areas, its each kind of service is very practical. Information that tax kiosks taxpayers not only can easily deal with all kinds of tax business, but also realizes the tax authorities to reduce the scope of business query and statistics, on the management to improve the efficiency of a lot. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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