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Tax self-service terminal how to use?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
With the tax authority is the enterprise often to do things, but in the taxation hall, came to a lot of people with the tax authority, recurring to stood in line for a long time, it makes people very headache, in recent years, many tax authorities are to install the tax self-service terminals, used to reduce the pressure of work, increase work efficiency, tax self-service terminals for many for the first time contact to, still don't know how to use, the information is to explain to you today, how to use tax self-service terminal. 1, login account tax login self-service terminals, there are two ways, one is direct login 'CA', the second is 'input login id number', according to their respective condition, choose the corresponding login way to log in. Login 'CA' methods: insert your CA certificate in tax self-service terminal operation on the bottom of the screen the USB interface, and then click login 'CA' menu button and wait until the readout the customs code of your information and then click the 'ok' button. 'Input login id number' method: through tax self-service terminals on the interface of the taxpayer identity number of soft keyboard input your information, click the 'ok' button. 2, enter the password according to tax self-service terminals voice prompts for 8-bit machine operating password; If this is first time use, you can click on 'change password' button, change their passwords for you, it is important to note that the initial password system with the state administration of taxation in guangzhou BanShuiTing online login password is the same. 3, choose business, then choose the type of business you want to handle, according to the tax self-service terminal interface and voice prompt for the corresponding operation. 4, after when you according to the prompt to complete the operation, you can take and keep the print proof, on tax self-service terminals click 'exit' button. When he left note take IC card, the CA certificate, etc, to avoid missing. The introduction of tax kiosks, save you a lot of time to deal with business people, also save a lot of trouble, only need a simple a few steps, can complete the whole tax business, operation method is simple, to handle the business efficiency and fast and was deeply loved by people. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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