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'Teenage mutant ninja turtles: burst through the shadow' theater buffet helped sell the ticket machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
The teenage mutant ninja turtles, I believe that everybody is not strange. It both as of the animation, and once popular video game, 'the teenage mutant ninja turtles' great impact in the 1980 s, and even the memory constitute an entire generation of popular culture. Paramount's teenage mutant ninja turtles series in the film, the four living in the sewer humanoid tortoise show enough charm, enough to please picky fans. Compared with three years ago that the teenage mutant ninja turtles: variant times, the 'teenage mutant ninja turtles 2: burst through the shadow' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'teenage mutant ninja turtles 2') In the fight, scenes, details and more excellence in both the production of a variety of characters. Not only the scene is larger and the visual effects significantly upgrade, motion capture technology is more accurate. And lundgren, rhinoceroses, warthogs, and wore a mask with a bat, Kathy Jones, these once familiar characters have appeared in the films, to bring out of kindness, easy to arouse the childhood good aftertaste. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 funny elements are ubiquitous. Four god turtle funny joke loquacious constantly laughed at, and a lot of scenarios are trying to make fruit. Dropped from a Madison square garden stadium pizza interrupted the NBA game, let the audience laugh into the sky. The impersonate hero photographer pretentious funny, tauren pig face big play mouth gun behavior, looks very coke. All in all, 'teenage mutant ninja turtles 2' is a bucket of nutritious popcorn film, Michael bay careful supervision, make the story very entertaining. This film, not only can satisfy all of the memory of childhood yearning, also USES abundant humour, from start to the beginning Yang overflow with joy in the thriller. This is the charm of teenage mutant ninja turtles, these young life underground, in the face of danger, in the face of citizens don't understand, in the happiest way take responsibility to save the city, the youth of the bear, what is the other superhero movie does not have. See here, everyone is eager to go to the cinema to buy tickets to watch? Don't worry, the teenage mutant ninja turtles 2: burst through the shadow 'on July 2, with the mainland. At that time, everyone can use them to the cinema cinema self-help sell the ticket machine to collect the tickets for tickets. Self-help independent research and development production of cinemas sell the ticket machine has the following advantages: 1, high-performance, triad electric card reader can read magnetic card, not pick up and contact IC and SIM card function, gate with protection, detection, foreign body with magnetic card recognition, forget to take the recycling, timeout recovery card, etc. 2, payment can be made according to customer needs and, flexible support WeChat, alipay, NFC mobile payment and bank CARDS, cash payment. 3, strong extensibility can be customized according to different application scenarios, providing advertising, gift/sales. 4, security terminal according to industrial standard, in line with the GB ╱ T23647 - 2009 standard, riot, security, and other functions. Stable and easy to use ticket system is the guarantee for smooth, want to watch no worries, with cinema self-service sell the ticket machine. Learned, cinema self-help sell the ticket machine in the process of cooperation partners for many years practical, harvest countless praise, excellent brand reputation, prove its kiosks solutions and professional focus, with forward thinking ahead in industry development and leading technology. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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