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The card prepaid phone terminal program to restore buffet

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Shenzhen citizen CARDS within the scope of whole area provide citizen card prepaid phone terminal for the first time. The equipment load 'citizen CARDS wallets ( Bus) Self-service account top-up 'feature, users can take shenzhen citizen card on the device for self-help prepaid phone business, support WeChat, pay treasure to sweep two yards of payment. To the average citizen card prepaid phone terminal buffet in the running process there are a lot of regular application system, the staff in the process of maintenance and overhaul to may, according to the corresponding program for maintenance. In the process, the operator to press the citizen card noted in self-service terminal charge a reset button, to restart the self-service terminals can also, of course. At this time, the citizen CARDS self-help prepaid phone terminal can be received the command to initialize, the program of citizen CARDS under the effect of self-help prepaid phone terminal for processing, restore ^ the initial Settings. If after operation, citizen CARDS self service prepaid phone terminal still not back to normal state, still can't normal operation, repair and maintenance personnel will focus on the storage of self-service terminals, and carries on the inspection and maintenance.
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