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The daily maintenance and maintenance of order self-service touch screen machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Through which has the function of wireless order self-service touch screen machine, the attendant can be anywhere at any time for customers to order, add, and spread to the background and the data distribution in the kitchen and the front desk of the printer, the printer to print the menu point immediately, and all the operation data are stored in the backend database, in case of query. Order to avoid the self-service touch screen machine fault, for the right routine maintenance and maintenance is very necessary. 1, the order to the self-service touch screen machine regularly clean. Self-service touch screen order machine is the use of the powdered cement, pressed into bricks or other raw materials, and therefore vulnerable to dust pollution. Dust into the self-service terminal equipment in the internal structure of each will lead to abnormal structure. Especially for power components and cooling components, the accumulation of dust is a burden. Therefore, we need regular for brick making machine cleaning, unwrapped self-service touch screen order machine shell, and then use wet cloth to wipe. Some clean corner can use soft brush. 2, regular order to self-service touch screen on the lubricating oil. Brick making machine motor and gear after long time use, the lubricating oil will wear out. This order will lead to self-service touch screen machine run slow, if not managed, is getting slower, ^ eventually lead to operation speed can not meet the requirements. In order to change speed, motor and gear lubrication oil can be, to reduce the friction of it.
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