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The development trend of self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
The development trend of self-service terminals we have been living in a highly informationization era, everyone is faced with huge amounts of information to recognize and deal with, in the process of processing the vast amounts of information, the traditional artificial service can't satisfy people more and more the pursuit of efficiency. In order to realize the people's demand for high quality high efficiency of life in the information age, as a means of all kinds of information release and function expansion of vector self-service terminals will have its burgeoning opportunity. Summarizes the development trend of the self-service terminal, there are the following points: self-service terminals from professional fields gradually to the public services. Professional in the field of production process, improve the self-service terminal equipment manufacturers of professional, security, stability, makes self-service terminals use more mature technology, provides technical basis for its input multiple industry. Mature self-service terminal technology has been widely used in e-government, information query, medical treatment, the scenic spot and theaters tickets in fields such as bank as the earliest application of self-service terminals, for the application of the self-service terminal has been mature. Bank self service terminal functionality is no longer drab, like early but highly integrated and strong extensibility. Today in the banking business, self-service terminals has been irreplaceable. Until today in development of self-service terminal, the operating interface larger changes. Early kiosks to help users quickly without professional knowledge use, often take picture as a carrier of the interface, in order to realize a kind of static friendly operation. And the development of multimedia technology, from the vision not only beautify the operation process, from the structure also affect the self-service terminal service details. Mature technology makes self-service terminal operation more smooth and friendly interface. With the progress of self-service terminal user interface and the performance of the self-service terminal modules. The self-service terminal can carry module is from the early show, a small amount of module development and so on input for including face recognition, material printing, fingerprint authentication, fast pay PangDaMo group within the function, such as by free combination module, self-service terminals in all, all can have a good performance. Overall, self-service terminals has made great development, and will be applied in more fields. Also will continue to strengthen product development and services, for the society to provide more superior self-service terminal products.
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