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【 The essence of 】 Self-help order can realize the function of cashier terminal to guangdong self-service top-up payment machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
order can realize the function of cashier terminal to guangdong choose self-help top-up payment machine? Today to introduce you to is that content, hope everyone in this article, you can choose to come to guangdong self-service top-up payment machines have certain knowledge and understanding of the contents of the following would follow in guangdong ^ together look at the related content about the function of a: system goal kiosks ticketing system is using computer network and terminal equipment, to achieve customer self-service order process of integrated information system. Set a self-service ticketing terminal in the restaurant, customers can query dishes, brush, bank card and cash payments ( Optional) , pay treasure to pay, WeChat payments, Internet take food. On the one hand, greatly facilitate the customer order and order from peak hours queuing, saving customers time, on the other hand, can reduce the working pressure of the restaurant staff, restaurant save human resources, improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant. Function 2: summary of system function this system is the collection of cash, the unionpay, alipay, micropayments one terminal. Cash module adopts imported machine core, collect money change fast, high recognition rate and high safety. Features three: data transfer process after the customer confirm the order information, brush card to pay, after the credit card does not need customer input amount payable, but directly increase the amount of the order data information sent to unionpay; Kiosks to receive after the transaction information, automatic startup receipts to print program, otherwise unable to print receipts; Notice the ticket information management system server at the same time. After confirmed the order information, customer choose alipay, WeChat payments, the system will generate a qr code, swept with the mobile phone customers guest code and confirm the payment of self service, self-help order cajas can realize the function of the system after a successful payment will print out the ticket. You will probably want to know: self-service ticket sales and taking advantage of the scenic spot to ensure visitors for guangdong guarantee efficiency of bidding goods are brand new, unused, the appearance of packaging, equipment and related accessories without damage, and in every way as to meet the requirements of the quality, specification and performance stipulated in the contract. Ensure the goods properly reasonable installation, operation and maintenance, work well during its life. In the quality guarantee period, our company to caused by the defect of design, technology or material is responsible for any defect or malfunction. In the above situation, my company in a timely manner after receipt of buyer's notice arrived at the scene maintenance service, responsible for free maintenance, to ensure that the buyer's normal use. 1, the company provides products are in accordance with the standard loading and unloading, and the mode of transportation, safety guarantee measures, shipped to your site, to ensure the safe arrival; This bid 2, my company products have been professional installation and debugging; 3, this product is my company's normal product, for many years related project implementation performance; 4, my company to complete the assembly and debugging and self-inspection after passing into the factory to inform the user acceptance; After 5, products to the user site, by my company sent people in user assistance on-site commissioning, user acceptance to product; 6, bidding goods quality guarantee period of three years; 7, the equipment comes into play, after the company send personnel to the user cashier operation to shenzhen Jue he choose self service top-up payment machine. Maintenance personnel training, detailed interpretation of the principle of related equipment operation methods, common troubleshooting and maintenance instructions for operation and maintenance personnel should know, should be; 8, the product in the user field debugging finished, my company's commissioning services site protect use 24 working hours, and by the company to send staff training; 9, products into use after a month, my company's technical service personnel tracking service, under normal circumstances, to the scene 2 times a month; 10, daily maintenance maintenance work shall be the responsibility of the user that raises a gender, if a phone call to my company to assist, on-call. 11, the warranty period, our company has the responsibility about the quality of the possible accidents excluded or assist to exclude, guarantee the machine use. Confront m outside of the service, if the buyer ask my company to provide technical support and maintenance, product maintenance service charge standard as follows: artificial cost 300 yuan/person/day, hardware maintenance according to the cost of equipment maintenance services. Regardless of the warranty period or the quality assurance period, the company promised to provide equipment of track maintenance response immediately, arrived at the scene within 24 hours services; 12, my company customer service will be entirely responsible for product after-sales service and spare parts supply of quality in a timely manner. The use of my company to the bidding equipment performance, quality, equipment reliability performance guarantee. If mobile business hall self-service terminals manufacturers for all the 'self-help order can realize the function of cashier terminal to shenzhen Jue he choose self-help top-up payment machine' to be of service, hope to be able to collect, if have what shortage of place, also hope you can point out to us, let us have more progress.
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