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The favour of self-service machine by government payment

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Government affairs above payment, there are many different types of government affairs always involves different payment content, and if a person to the government affairs hall to deal with a lot of content, or catch up with the government to deal with peak, artificial capture to expend the window is no longer convenient. pay cost machine and is used in order to solve this kind of situation appeared. payment machine can support unionpay, WeChat, alipay, QQ wallet, card and other payment. At the same time have the electronic self service invoice, advertising and other value-added functions, not only for the government to deal with personnel provides a convenient way of payment, improve the satisfaction of ShouJiaoLv, handle affairs personnel, also save cost, extra income for the government. Since the government introduced the self-help payment system, government affairs had the big promotion efficiency, because the self-help pay cost machine has many advantages compared with the traditional artificial capture to expend, also popular with government affairs to deal with people of all ages.
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