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The function of the self-service ticketing system of the scenic spot

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
As the National Day holiday approaches, the major attractions will usher in the peak passenger flow, the scenic area in order to avoid visitors queuing to buy tickets for a long time is the busy season, self-service ticketing systems are installed in the scenic spot scenic spot, the scenic spot is a self-service ticketing system based on computer network technology, modern communication technology, database technology and automatic control technology for the integration of high-tech modern management information system. The scenic spot self-service ticketing system is able to realize what function? The function of the self-service ticketing system 1. Set by the software management process, such as setting up ticket, ticket prices, the period of validity, etc; 2. E-commerce platform construction, realize the online payment - Tickets online - Automatically collect the tickets, increase the traffic area, convenience, tourists to buy tickets at the same time enhance the image of the scenic spot, 3. Completely put an end to fake tickets to bring the huge economic loss, put an end to hole; 4. Internet background management center, the leader can always control the client through the background to check each scenic spot ticket real-time data, financial income data, at the same time can make each scenic spot management process, through the network greatly improved the work; 5. Using electronic ticketing improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; 6. Strong extensibility, the system construction of software and hardware interface reserved, easy to increase the number of sales terminals, also easy to dock with the scenic spot other systems; 7. For several independent scenic area construction of the self-service ticketing system, network operation, such as the local bureau of parks and woods or tourism development company management electronic tickets for the next few scenic area construction networking operation system platform; 8. Efficiency and the transparency of the data, provide the basis for scientific management and decision making; 9. Instead of manually before financial statistics, and save all the fare collection system database server information, the system can automatically statistics all the ticket information and financial data, automatically by the software can also generate and print various forms of financial statements; The function of the self-service ticketing system for scenic spot here today for everyone to share, scenic spot self-service ticketing system with computer as the core, supported by the network, with automatic channel brake machine for terminal, the ticketing and check-in process implementation of electronic, automatic, networked computer integrated management system. Scenic self-service ticketing system and can also improve the quality of employees, realize standardized management. To improve the image of scenic spot, improve the management level, promote the spiritual civilization construction has great significance. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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