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The functions and characteristics of the self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
Along with the development of intelligent city, more and more technology application around people, the emergence of self-service terminals, changed people's way of life, due to its independent function and warmly welcomed by people. With the increasing application of self-service terminal, make people can see it form the frequency of more and more, the following, the author gave us Jane introduce the functions and characteristics of the self-service terminals. 1, payment is simple: when people trade. Only need to sweep qr code on the self-service terminals, can complete the payment. 2, self-service terminals to support multiple payment: unionpay CARDS, cash, pay treasure and WeChat payment method can be used on self-service terminals. 3, collect the tickets also have quite a variety: self-service terminal supports the use of qr code, phone number verification code or membership card collect the tickets, if the self-service terminal is the cinema, it can also give people cinema special membership card prepaid phone service. 4, the print is convenient and save time: self-service terminals can very quick print tickets and slip and some trading can save people's time. 5, support for remote monitoring: enterprise self-service terminals can be unified management background, also can through the background monitoring to the operating condition of each device, when the fault occurs, the user can also enough for the first time to know, and timely adjust, repair processing.
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