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The latest visual settlement platform in detail

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
As for catering industry professional products manufacturer, has been in the food industry the forefront of technology products. Recently introduced a new visual and settlement of the Taiwan products is also attracted numerous merchants of eyeball, followed the author today let me introduce the latest products. Are introduced in terms of visual clearing machine vision and settlement of catering industry, as well as in the retail fresh visual settlement of two types. Today is to introduce the visual balance of catering industry, the product mainly is carrying the android RK3399, 4 g memory, storage, 16 g can be extended to higher, it is aimed at the demand, large volume of business. Compared with the previous product, this new visual clearing machine configuration is higher, stronger processing capacity. The product of the latest window can be extended brush face support payments, it'll be more convenient for the customer for payment. The visual settlement except to brush a face, still can support pay treasure, WeChat, unionpay payment code of etc. At the same time, considering the usage scenario is more visual and settlement stage, we also support the extension staff payment card, student card, etc. The visual settlement platform is introduced in view of the existing brush face technology used in great quantities, so this product is also adapt to the market trend. At the same time, improve product performance, the acceleration at the time of clearing, visual and settlement of fetching and computing speed will be faster, you can speed up the settlement process. About the latest vision of settlement in detail here, you also want to know more, can contact the author directly, or on the website of understanding.
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