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The method of making the self-help service hall gets

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Technical background: gets to ( Touch the query is short for all-in-one) Is one of the most convenient, simple, natural and practical human-machine interactive equipment, it combines computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial plastic arts, mechanical manufacturing technology, streamlined integration of design, elegant; But gets to the general structure of the complex, existing service hall, visitors to gets to the stability of the demand is high, but the existing gets to poor stability, install and remove operation trival, will not be able to adjust the height and Angle, use inconvenient, can't meet the actual demand, so we need to design a new type of service hall gets to buffet. Technical implementation elements: the utility model provides a self service service hall gets to, to solve the defects in the existing technology. The utility model through the following technical solution shall be implemented: self service gets a service hall, including base, base surrounded by respectively open groove, groove of the outer, upper and lower side respectively with the outside, the inside of the groove in the middle with blind holes, blind holes respectively activities within the installation bracket, the bracket can be respectively along the corresponding blind holes inside and outside move, the outer end of the support arm respectively fixed installation support, support block can into the groove of the corresponding respectively, blind hole at the top of the wall of the side to open the first threaded hole respectively, the first thread inside the hole respectively installed positioning screw, the inner end of the positioning screw, respectively, with the corresponding peripheral at the top of the support arm contact with; Base fixed connection among the top surface of the bottom of the first telescopic rod, the top of the first telescopic rod with gets to the main body, gets to the main body to the right of the middle and lower side with horizontal on the right side of the inverted t-shaped slot, inverted t-shaped slot on the right, front and back respectively and external are interlinked, T slot activity respectively installed, pour T, T block can respectively along the corresponding down T slot before and after sliding, the upper inverted T shape with the top of the block and the telescopic rod hinged connection, the underside of the inverted T block upper end of the second telescopic rod hinged connection, the lower end of the second telescopic rod and the telescopic rod rod hinged on the left side of the connection. As mentioned above the buffet gets a service hall, support for rubber blocks described.
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