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The new retail self-service cashier change the traditional way of cashier

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
We talk about the new retail, can think of 'sweep code for', 'brush face pay self service cashier in retail applications, they are from concept to reality, and gradually become retailers' digital' upgrading of the standard. Provide consumers with light and fast shopping experiences, but also for businesses to save a lot of cost. Previously, the author settlement when shopping in the supermarket, is to long lines and time-consuming to 10 minutes to settle shopping, supermarkets have self-service register now, I just need to put the goods near the self-service checkout barcode scan window, verify the purchase information, open the phone WeChat, scan, can accomplish the settlement, the method of payment is becoming more and more convenient. In addition to simple customer cashier it has the following functions: 1. Reduce stores operating costs self-service register stores can use lower cost to carry on the omni-directional management, shop in improve the efficiency of the cashier at the same time, also can help businesses to realize intelligent and thinking mode of operation of the Internet! 2, the data analysis of traditional cashier only cashier check function, for the chain, it's hard to do inventory management and statistics and analysis. However, there is a self-service system, the businessman can remotely via the shopkeeper app or PC background, create a branch, merchandise inventory, same more account management and so on, also can be used to customer preferences sales ranking, turnover, member statistics analysis data, such as mode of payment, aware of the real requirements of customers, to the goods corresponding alignment. 3. Day real-time tracking performance on the self service cajas, the default real-time display on the day of the sales total quantity, total orders, and sales. Let the store manager or assistant to learn indirectly, the current degree of hot selling products. 4, big data accurate marketing data for the precise marketing provides vast amounts of data, to establish a more accurate market positioning and analysis, find customers effectively, to provide customers with more personalized products and services. New retail self-service checkout changed the traditional outlets will be some slow, error-prone, poor experience to the settlement of the status quo, as a result of the self-service checkout settlement time is very short, no queuing phenomenon; Liberated the supermarket cashier at the same time, reduce human costs.
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