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The present era of unmanned convenience store, what do you think?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
The present era of convenience stores have begun to emerge, nobody convenience store concept has been around for several years. But the development of this year is more quickly, this is not about the development of technology and a large amount of capital investment. So no convenience store of current era, what do you think? No convenience store has both advantages and defects, it is incontestable. Compared with traditional convenience store, there is no one advantage of convenience stores the forehead is as a kind of new retail mode, opened a new channel for the customer, more convenient, more convenient, round-the-clock service 24 hours a day. At the same time also save operating costs, reduce artificial operation. No convenience store defects but also for reduce the labor costs of operation, compared with traditional convenience store in reducing the fresh area provided. There was more than a pipe shop mode at the same time, so there is no convenience store a lot of instant shelves of goods also will be affected by certain influence. Although there is a defect, but there is no convenience store is more harm than good, and there is no convenience stores will be updated as the technology to improve. No convenience stores in more than a new direction for the retail industry, also give the customers more choices. The present era of unmanned convenience stores while it is not particularly intelligent, but is ready to meet our daily consumption. The author believes that with the progress of technology, we'll soon see more intelligent unmanned convenience store.
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