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The present situation of the unmanned convenience store

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Since 2016, when Amazon first unmanned convenience store Amazon Go concept, domestic electrical contractor and retail giants have also started the development of unmanned convenience store. So why no convenience store is widely popular, current status and how? Now follow the author to get to know. No one within the convenience store to store all or part of a business process, through intelligent automation processing technology, and reduce or no human intervention. No convenience store main products include face recognition using screen, entrance guard control the door. And the voice prompt screen, entrance guard control go out. And intelligent self-service register, the machine can provide support when no one touch advertising promotion; Support to guide operation or advertising interface; Support code commodity warehousing, sweep code commodity sales; Support WeChat pay, pay treasure to qr code or brush face. No one increase the degaussing, anti-theft system; Install the cloud shelves - Interactive screen, the product can be goods display: full screen play goods photo wall, the waterfall flow effect display wall touch query, you can query a product details page induction interaction: RFID commodities induction cloud shelves interactive screen display information send coupons: cloud shelves coupons qr code switch function of advertising: no interaction advertising images. Or install smart shelves display screen, this product can support bar code sensor show commodity information; Support no interaction advertising images. Supports remote management, automatic switch machine, etc. This model of unmanned convenience store not only save a large amount of manpower cost, also can do no convenience store intelligent, can also convenient. You can like a piece of cloud shelves - through Interactive screen can see all the goods completely, the interpretation of a variety of functions, convenient shopping. From the door to brush a face, to choose goods, and then to self-service checkout, all of them are intelligent, integrated new intelligent life convenient and quick. Today there is no convenience store has been basically in every big cities and certain layout, everybody also in slowly began to experience the smart way of life. Although now there is no convenience stores in the whole business model is only account for a small proportion, but there is no convenience store is a kind of the trend of the future, more and more common in another few years. You want to experience a friend no convenience store, hurriedly picked up the phone to experience.
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