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The restaurant - the best partner - Self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Before in life such as intelligent robot, high-end products is a kind of high grade, atmosphere today, sleep and rapid development of science and technology, many intelligent products come into our daily life, the convenience to our life, such as food and beverage industry take cupboard of self-help order machine, intelligence, etc. Restaurant buffet order machine, when the guests into the shop, but in front of the screen self-service order, without guidance, to achieve a 'cashier' queuing, second meal. To replace the traditional hand-written order peddles, handwritten accounts, bright voice. So how to use it in restaurants? Are the authors introduce self-help order machine use process: first: before ordering machine self service order, will choose good dishes, receiving order machine next to take food, the table setting number input, When order is confirmed then: can use WeChat or pay treasure payment code, just self-help order machine scanning window with a brush, successful completion of the payment; Finally: after completion self service pay order machine automatically print out receipts, then ramadhin the seat on the consumer according to documents, waiting for the meal. Back in time, if ask you a few years ago self-help order is feasible? Are you sure you will say what is that on his high horse, exist? Martial arts drama to see more! A few years later had realized that in this era of constant innovation, it could be anything! If the time flow back, back in a few years ago, I don't know what self-help order machine, a few years now, smart products being developed, in the era of innovation, it could be anything!
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