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The scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking lead self-help travel times

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Remember if you want to go out to play before, must be ready to buy tickets for hard, especially such as the May Day, 11 national holidays, in addition to ready to people crowded people, still faces difficult dilemma for tickets. Now, the scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking let you travel more easily. Whether choose online ticket, or choose the tickets to the scenic spot, compared with before, although the number of tourists may be increased, but the tickets can solve difficult problems. Scenic spot self-service ticket machine, let the user simply by simple touch screen operation, choose to want to buy the number of tickets and route, then use the unionpay card or membership card to complete the payment transaction, scenic spot ticket will be automatically printed out, all operations take more than three minutes to complete, and the scenic area self-help to sell the tickets machine also can be booked tickets of scenic spots, can use a mobile phone verification code after a successful booking directly to collect the tickets, very convenient and quick. Scenic area self-help sell the ticket machine not only can according to requirements to sell adult, the old man and child ticket ticket, also offer tickets online customer self-service function of collect the tickets, visitors can through id, qr code, the code, phone number and other authentication way to collect the tickets, really effectively relieve the pressure on selling the tickets. Self-help and scenic spot ticket sales and taking provide unionpay payment mode, the customer need not cash, credit card can be directly to buy a ticket, the scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking can also daemon automatically switch machine, power back-up power support, can collect the tickets, self-help to sell the tickets for scenic spot machine guarantees stable operation. Scenic self-help sell the ticket machine unattended offers self-service, self-help to collect the tickets, self-service ticketing, consulting service to a body, the human-computer interaction, not only alleviate the pressure of peak scenic spot cash box, and is the most main is for the majority of tourists provide a more humanized and convenient services, reduced the amount of time visitors, standing in line to buy tickets from ticket cost, convenient for the masses of tourists. Scenic spot buffet ticket sales and taking the appearance of the interface and simple operation process, let visitors when the ticket to experience the enjoyment on the vision not only, also in be used actually felt the technology is convenient. Whether it is to the distance of the guests for the first time, or visit friends. While feel convenient, also feel deeply felt the thick local humanistic culture and tourism culture. Self-service ticket sales and taking of scenic spots, leading the self-help tourism era, control the bright future! Scenic area self-help sell the ticket machine for information and science and technology of construction, has brought great help. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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