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The scenic spot uses self-service payment machines to serve tourists in the scenic spot

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Friends who may often go out to play know that there are many people in the scenic area. In order to relieve the pressure of buying tickets in the scenic area and allow customers to buy tickets quickly, the self-service ticket vending machine has been introduced at the entrance of the scenic area, and a self-service ticketing area has been set up. With the help of this device, tourists can quickly buy tickets on this device without queuing up. In fact, there is a similar device in the scenic area now, this device is a self-service payment machine. Picture: Self-service payment machines are now installed in many scenic spots. Tourists can use the self-service card issuance function of this device to get a card that can save cash. Use this card to purchase scene tickets, cable car tickets, etc. Sightseeing cruise tickets, etc., and if the cash in the card is insufficient, you can recharge through this self-service payment machine, and then return the card to get back the balance in the card after playing. After using this self-service payment machine, the scenic spot has brought very high-quality services to the tourists in the scenic spot and provided them with convenience.
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