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The self-help sell the ticket machine system application and what is a smart terminal

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Scenic spot self-help sell the ticket machine system which has played a role in the window, take out the mobile phone, open Meituan, find want to go to the scenic area, click on the booking, order payment. Wait until the weekend, get along with friends. On arriving at the scenic spot, the find self-help sell the ticket machine, according to the steps collect the tickets, and a half minutes. More than play mode has become the preferred more making friends, they go to the attractions like going to the cinema, the ticket in the self-service machine directly after treatment, and then check-in into the garden, very convenient. Self-help to sell the tickets machine with 80 in the scenic spot after 90 became a tour, their way of travel has changed too. In the past, people to visit the scenic spot are both tickets through the window, generally want to line up half an hour to the park, encounter the holiday could waste half a day. Now, with the popularity of mobile Internet, booking online, all turned to a mobile phone can play at any time. Scenic area self-service ticket sales and taking self-help sell the ticket machine contains a variety of functions, it can online OTA docking platform, when tourists in Meituan ctrip after placing orders, can be in the self-service machine to collect the tickets. If you don't want to collect the tickets, but also with Meituan background brush payment code directly brake machine into the garden. Self-service ticket machine contains 43 inch screen, self-help tourists to buy tickets for scenic spot, network, collect the tickets, solve the problem of scenic area traffic was concentrated, convenient visitors a variety of channels for tickets, with qr code module, password keyboard module, tickets printer module, support WeChat, pay treasure payment, support phone number, id card, a verification code, payment code to collect the tickets. The self-help sell ticket printer a ticket machines, design elegant atmosphere, deployed nearly hundred scenic area, help the scenic spot to solve traffic problems. Introduction - intelligent terminal What is intelligent terminal intelligent terminal equipment is the use of mobile and China unicom GSM network all over the country, and data transmission through text messages. The wide use of short message to realize remote alarm, remote control, remote sensing three big functions, especially the GSM short message, flexible and convenient, can transmit, intercity, provinces, and even multinational and each send a short message as long as 1 cent, very reliable and cheap. Are used in condition monitoring, fire, anti-theft alarm, such as equipment failure to report. Intelligent household life is involved in the information transmission, information processing and equipment control integration, an automatic or semi-automatic modern household environment space. People need a lot of information exchange in life and work, its practical significance is to break through the limited space for information exchange. After the telephone, computer is also a breakthrough of the space information communication, make great changes have taken place in people's work and life, and the computer network/Internet technology applications in the field of intelligent home, and we see a new land. Recently appeared on the market there has been a complete home intelligent terminal based on TCP/IP, fully realize the function of original multiple independent system integration, and on this basis, added some new functions. Let's take a look, a new generation of home intelligent terminal based on TCP/IP can bring to us? Computer application software function 1) Phone, name card, mail, characteristics of the bell, organic combination of notes, whole application functions; 2) OFFICE functions ( WORD, EXEL reading and WORD processing software) ; 3) Handwriting recognition, document management, data synchronization ( And PC through card entry Shared) ; PSTN smart phone functions 1) The unified management of telephone management: name, phone number, convenient search, a 'strike' dialing, call display name directly; 2) Call blocking function: if you don't want in a certain period of time from a few particular telephone harassment, you can use this feature; 3) Characteristics of the bell ( Personalized music songs ringing, personal phone ring default) ; 4) Call recording, a special message to a specific call; 5) Provide electronic diary notes, in order to talk on the phone for the needed information for easy record; 6) IP dial-up ( IP card default prefix automatically dial) ; 1) the family information assistant function Temporary diary notes; 2) Special event to remind, Personalized music reminds, sent automatically; Mobile phone short message to remind) ; 3) To send and receive E-mail; 4) Surfing the Internet. 5) MP3 music playback; 6) Community network handwritten chat: both men and women, old and young, as long as it can write Chinese characters, can be covered by the intelligent terminals in the electronic community communication;
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