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The significance of bank introduced intelligent self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
At present, the banking system widely used kiosks are everywhere. But very few systems can be a lot of kiosks and diversified electronic payment platform, to provide convenient financial services. Introduced the intelligent self-service terminals, customers can use the same machine for deposits and withdrawals. Customers even if they don't use a debit card, also can be initiated by intelligent kiosks deposit transaction, and can instantly access amount of deposit. Intelligent self-service terminal equipment can reduce the cash machine loading frequency and the cost of idle cash, because it allows cash recovery operations, through the distribution of withdrawal transactions in cash for the future, so as to improve the efficiency of the Banks operating cash. Kiosks is another innovation of bank products, can help customers convenient, easy to complete all the financial and non-financial transactions. Committed to launch innovative products and services, and through automatic teller machines, cash deposit machine ( CDM) And check access service pavilion, convenient and safe self-service environment has been promotion. Intelligent self-service terminal is a bank to provide customers one-stop solution and a move, in order to realize all the financial and non-financial transactions. The bank will gradually convert existing CDM to intelligent self-service terminals.
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