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The supermarket collecting necessary - buffet - The new retail self-service register

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In today's Chinese society, there are many phenomenon by machine instead of labor force, such as foxconn assembly line appear a large number of robots, liu began using the robot delivery, jack ma, no supermarkets, the convenience stores, supermarkets and retail stores have appeared in the phenomenon by machine instead of labor force, jingdong, auchan, yong hui 11 stores, century lianhua, etc - used the self-service checkout system - Self-service register. Its operation concept is becoming cashless era of consumption. New 24-inch self service cajas, customers in order to pay to choose whether or not the member and yards of commodity barcodes open WeChat or pay treasure payment code take goods slip and the whole operation process operation simple and quick. Support on payment function and commodity bar code; WeChat & amp; Alipay payment face recognition technology and so on the many kinds of payment, the whole process of dispersing the traditional checkout checkout of passenger flow, greatly improving the efficiency, stable performance, we settle save businesses labor costs. cashier liberated the human, as a junior employee in retailing, not only contains the cashier, and the seller, the waiter will be gradually replaced by new retail intelligence system. Self-service checkout system for the traditional retail enterprise professional build new retail solutions, help enterprises to quickly build new retail platform, realize the online stores, member of the unified management, unified marketing.
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