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Vertical order machine bring different experiences for restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
As a food and beverage industry, vertical order machine will gradually lead the catering trend, to reform the traditional artificial order outright. Vertical order machine, is tailored high-end catering industry industry application products, has a variety of models, can fully meet the food industry in a variety of formats for self service order business needs. Vertical order machine has strong applicability, full function, stable performance, high reliability and outstanding features such as fashion appearance. New order interface, the menu choice be clear at a glance, clear, simple and practical, is the true portrayal of the system. In addition, the unique line snarling functions above are integrated in this system, the order queue, voice calls, create a harmonious dining environment. Have vertical order machine restaurant, not only can keep old customers, also can keep the customer's stomach, if you are pressed for time, restaurants in order to have a vertical machine, points minutes to let you eat a delicious enough to eat, this is a kind of happiness.
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