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Vision visual settlement of settlement | new technology

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Settlement issue in catering industry has always been the problem of the industry, from human settlement to RFID and settlement, and then to today's visual and settlement. The change of time and the method of payment is technology in the development of new applications, for the whole food industry reform. Authors and today we talk about the new technology of visual and settlement. Now the catering industry, especially the small bowl dish this order settlement will need to have Chinese food restaurant is very visual and settlement to upgrade. First of all, this kind of restaurant need recognition is the mainstream way on dishes, especially when dining peak traffic service so many customers. Have a damage, such an outcome would have potential customers in the store customers dining experience is poor, because the time of settlement in line too long. So the emergence of the visual settlement platform can solve this problem, to business problem solving. Visual settlement by computer vision and settlement, and using the AI visual recognition technology. Information is simply through the camera to capture images, and then with the settlement stage background images stored in the visual contrast, then find food information to calculate. The recognition and settlement process includes the capture images, image contrast, price calculation process, finally it is concluded that the price of our order. Visual settlement of machine vision and settlement fastest need only 2 seconds can be completed on food prices, compared with the manual speed is more than a few times. Said without hesitation, as long as you use the visual settlement stage, the speed of the whole restaurant can get rapid ascension. This new technology just need to use the visual settlement, don't need to do other supporting facilities. Compared with the RFID in terms of the settlement platform operation, can saying is very simple. After basic merchants is to buy back can use, how convenient it is! And visual settlement stage normally is no since the operation mode, can save the cost of the businessman.
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