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Visual and settlement stage how to solve the problem of food industry group meal?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
In the food industry, is one of important dining scene. Group meals in our life often appear in the wisdom campus, unit canteens, chain food and beverage, etc. Group meal, there are still many problems, however, today we are going to look at how visual settlement platform to solve the problem of food and beverage industry group meal. In food industry is also rely mainly on human settlement to operate, so the cost is too high. And human settlement will lead to efficiency is slow, inefficient service. Tend to cause customer need long queues to settlement, it will affect the customer's dining experience. In addition, a similar group in the dining hall meal place often prone to the daily sales situation is not easy to calculation, lead to purchase prone to waste food, can't do the elaborating management. In the face of these problems, visual and settlement stage by AI intelligent recognition technology to improve the efficiency of group meal settlement. With visual settlement instead of human settlement, in reducing the operating costs at the same time, also can guarantee the error rate greatly decreased. It can greatly reduce the time of the customers in line, increase customer's dining experience. And visual settlement platform can through the background is to identify the information of the dishes and the amount of the settlement corresponding preservation, convenience stores can understand the actual consumption of food. Procurement can also look at the situation at the same time, the intensification of management is very convenient, also can put an end to waste, decrease the loss of business. Use of visual settlement platform can well solve the problem of in the group meal, is for the customer, greatly reduced the queue time, dining experience is better; For merchants, to improve the turnover rate, reduce the operating costs, and reduce the loss of purchasing, did the elaborating management.
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