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Visual settlement change catering industry development speed

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
With the rise of the city catering industry, the broad masses of workers friends wait to visual and settlement. From then on don't have to spend a lot of time to rest long lines have a meal, you just need to slow walk to eat. The long wait, visual settlement change catering industry development speed. Before the attention of food and beverage industry is likely to be the size of the traffic, have been in the improvement of the strength of the advertisement, and ignore the customers dining experience. A lot of time will face the customer to only once, later all don't want to. But as the food industry in recent years, more and more people are joining later, people began to pay attention to the user's experience. So the emergence of the visual settlement platform is well solved the problem. Speed of the customer's order, the question of improving service is not comprehensive. We are in the order of the past, the most time consuming is the checkout link. Checkout staff to check the customer need not only when points by food prices, but also need to settle the total price to pay. A need to calculate the amount is large, but there are a lot of people, efficiency will be discounted. If using visual settlement platform for invoicing, without these troubles. Only need staff input images and price information in advance, visual platform will automatically identify settled area of dishes to calculate. Clearing machine efficiency is much stronger than artificial vision, but also as the change of time, high efficiency is still the same. The speed of the whole store will begin to ascend, like this can serve more people and customers queuing time is greatly reduced. Speed the development of the catering industry by the use of visual settlement stage accelerated, improve the turnover rate of food industry, to help speed up the development of the industry, let customers get a better experience. Now there are more fast food restaurants are using visual settlement in Taiwan, let everybody can easy repast is convenient in traffic peak.
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