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Visual settlement scale started at supermarket chain

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
'weighing difficult this question has always been a lot of problems, such as supermarkets, fresh market clearing operation difficulty, or weighing the efficiency of the settlement is a problem. So we often see in many supermarket fresh settlement service desk in front of the long line of sight, we, too, is often one of them. In the face of such situation, launched a visual balance scale has formally launched supermarket chain 'weighing difficult problems. Visual settlement scale can through staff early entry fruits, food images information and price information can be stored in the background. In use process, visual balance scale will pass AI visual recognition technology to grab image information and the background of the preservation of the compare identification. At the same time of recognition, visual balance scale will be automatic weighing. After completion of weighing will be automatically sent to the background, and then complete fruit price calculated with identification, according to the price. Although the process is complicated, but from the recognition to the payment process is very fast. Compared with the manual weighing and settlement, visual settlement scale efficiency is very high. Visual settlement balance in the face of merchant's frequent changes the price also is no problem, background of visual settlement scale directly change the price. Use visual settlement scale, businesses can avoid on staff training to fresh settlement and waste a lot of on-the-job training. Visual settlement scale operation, can save the personnel are all from the operating mode. And visual settlement scale can clearly record every consumer, for supermarket chain, is very convenient and systematic management. Visual settlement scale began to appear, a supermarket chain, whether for business, or consumer is helpful. Visual settlement scale efficient operation efficiency can avoid lines and settlement, we appear to customers to provide better shopping experience.
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