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wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank

wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank

wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank
  • wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank
  • wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank
  • wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank

wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank

Our design for self service payment kiosk manufacturer is more human-centered than other company.
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Wall mounted payment kiosk with blue powder coated in bank


Handling walk-in payments is a vital customer service function for utility service providers. However, traditional cashiering methods are time consuming and take away resources from customer services and revenue generating activities. Rapidly increasing personnel and back office costs are an ever-growing concern, and since a quarter of households worldwide do not have sufficient access to bank accounts, many customers can be forced to wait in long queues simply to pay their everyday bills, top-up their accounts and make other payments. These challenges have led many companies and institutions to look for ways to serve their customers more efficiently, without hampering staff and increasing operational costs. 

wall mounted bill payment kiosk machine in bank-1


If you are looking for a 24/7 payment solution:


  • provides a secure self-service transaction workflow,

  • eliminates the need for expensive staff (for payment process),

  • ensures a positive customer experience,

Hongzhou's Payment kiosks are the solutions


A payment kiosk is ideal for:

※  Telco: Customers can pay their bills and top-up their accounts easily

※  Energy: Energy providers can offer their customers a 24/7 payment service

※  Goverment: Taxes, fees, traffic fines and all other governmental payments can now be made by citizens more easily

※  Banking: Banks and financial institutions offer their customers payment kiosks as an alternative way for payments and transactions.

※  Service: Let your patients, guests and students make payments and pay their tuition fees on the spot

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Advantages of payment kiosk:


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Self-service kiosks allow all sectors to reduce their staffing costs, leading directly to savings in total overheads. Employees are thus free to concentrate fully on other customer needs, enabling them to improve service. Thanks to payment kiosks, telecom, energy, finance and retail companies gain access to secure units in which to collect cash and cheques. The use of self-service payment kiosks also helps companies to reinforce their image as high-tech operators.

More about Bill payment kiosk:


Integrate with existing payment systems

Regardless of the payment system already in place, Innova’s expert teams can use their experience of configuring the PayFlex payment solution in over 30 countries to integrate any kiosk model smoothly and efficiently.


All payments, in any way

bill payment kiosks allow companies to offer any type of payment method their customers require. For example, full, partial and advance payment options can be offered to postpaid customers, while a variety of other payment options can be presented to prepaid customers, including top-up and voucher sales.


Provision processes

Debit or credit card payments, cheque or cash payments (payment processes) can all be offered through bill payment kiosks. You can simply choose the specification your company needs and place an order today, to start collecting payments.




  • ※  As a professional manufacturer and supplier of kiosk hardware,we win our customers with good quality,best service and competitive price.

  • ※  Our products are 100% original and have strict QC inspection before shipment.

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  • ※  Sample order is welcomed.

  • ※  We provide OEM service according to your requirements.

  • ※  We provide 12 months maintenance warranty for our products

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