What are some of the products applied to the latest unmanned restaurant?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
With the use of unmanned restaurant as well as the improvement, many products are upgrading, more suitable for unmanned restaurant, more intelligent. So now what no one restaurant is applied to the latest product? Authors and everyone together to learn about today. Relative to the emerging of dining-room, the latest unmanned restaurant obviously no one restaurant has certain improvement than before. First before sweeping code, check the customer information is now using facial-recognition screen phone verified identity information. You just need to verify a face-recognition panel, later again into the brush only need to face to get into unmanned restaurant. Intelligent entrance guard system can directly by the control system of the restaurant, as long as through the facial recognition screen can automatically open the door. Followed by self service order machine can through the network connection, after after the meal automatic synchronization to the kitchen printer, as well as the monitor screen of a station to station. Now order higher intelligence, to help customers more convenient order and take food. Finally only need according to your screen prompt, in the smart to take food, the cupboard is no self service mode. These new products with no problems and to improve the restaurant, as the change of time, no one restaurant will have more and more intelligent, as the future restaurant like science fiction movies are also possible.
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