What are the kinds of self-service terminal?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
At present, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, all kinds of self-support equipment has begun to gradually penetrate into every aspect of our lives. For example, self-service terminals. Self-service terminals of the appearance is concise, the touch of round-the-clock self-service and simple operation, bringing great broad consumer daily payment and electronic payment business. However, due to the kinds of self-service terminal is more, so the function of different kinds of self-service terminal is also different. So what are the kinds of self-service terminal? According to the application field, self-service terminals can be divided into the following categories: 1, the financial sector: ATM, automatic payment machine, self-help, self-help book for boarding card machine, etc. For example, a bank automatic payment machine can provide users with safe and convenient all-round bank card service such as credit CARDS cash and convenient payment. By banking self-service terminals can be transfer, inquiry, purchase non-cash businesses such as financial products. 2, public service: an AFC, self-service library service machine, tax self-service terminals, etc. Tax, for example, self-service terminals can counter tax and the hall way to complement each other, can meet the demand of the taxpayer multi-level. Taxpayers tax can choose artificial service already, also can choose to help themselves. Not only enriched the tax forms, but also greatly alleviate the pressure of the ZhengQi enterprise line, the effort of the tax authority tax window burden, improve tax service quality in an all-round way. 3, consumer retail categories: vending machine, self-help, self-help tanker order machine, etc. For example the vending machine automatically according to the investment of money to pay the goods. The vending machine is the common use of the commercial automation equipment, it is not restricted by time and place, can save manpower, convenient transactions. 4, the medical service class: self-help registered machine, self-help take single, self-help registration payment machine, etc. Self-service hospital registration machine, for example, you can register realize self-help, self-help, self-help prepaid phone booking, and other functions, meet the needs of the patient to hospital register self-help, self-help, self-help prepaid phone booking, charging projects information query, such as demand, can protect the patients privacy, put an end to the wrong inspection sheet, effectively solve the problem of inspection report cumulative and lost. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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