What are the self-help order machine for retailers to charge?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
You can often use in our daily life to self-help order machine, we have become accustomed to this kind of fast and convenient way of order. We can have the opportunity to often contact self service order machine, little not the merchant's function of self-help order machine to charge. Today, the author will give everybody to take stock for retailers to charge what are the benefits of self-help order machine. 1, self-help order without artificial self-help order machine can pass customer self-service order, reduce the cost of manual operation. Relative to a lot of businesses, self service order machine can replace the artificial order and human settlement, to reduce the operating cost a lot of restaurant is very temptation. Order and self-service machine when a lot of people, can have the effect of drainage. 2, the propaganda effect is good, can help businesses to push products self-help order in case we don't have to use, you can set product automatic playback mode of product pictures. Main products if you have any need to promote new products or businesses that can order through the self-service machine to drive the product promotion. Let every guests into the shop, you can see in the self-service order machine presented above product publicity, have the effect of a good drainage. And ordering system of self-help order machine set than the meal card artificial order mode is more popular, self service order machine order set more humanization, the classification is clear, can see all the dishes more intuitive. 3, to cater for the needs of the entire restaurant management self-service order after machine order, as long as the payment is successful, self-help order opportunity after the menu automatically transmitted directly to the kitchen printer. This model is very convenient, compared with the traditional order of the model is much easier to process. For the entire restaurant management will be more convenient, use the Internet saves redundant steps, at the same time also speed up the efficiency of running.
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