What can the self-service ticket collection machine bring us

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
In life, although many people use self-service equipment, few people understand the meaning of 'self-service'. If you propose a buffet, most people probably know what it is. The self-service equipment actually means the same thing. It can be operated by the user to achieve a certain purpose, just like a self-service ticket vending machine instead of manual ticket sales. Figure: Self-service ticket vending machine In this article, the self-service ticket vending machine is used as an example. What does it bring us? Many, reduce the cost of expenditure, save the use of space, and avoid the worldliness. First of all, from the cost point of view, the highest cost of using the equipment is the electricity bill, and for the labor cost price, the electricity bill is not a big deal; furthermore, saving space does not require high environmental requirements, namely The location is fixed and it can be used when it is powered on; and the last point is that the direction of humanity and sophistication is very easy to cause favoritism. For this, only the operator pays the bill. Years and months are also a considerable expense. Of course, there are still many questions, which are not mentioned in the article. Although only a few common questions are briefly mentioned, it can be seen that the self-service ticket vending machine has no doubt about the benefits it brings.
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