What functions can the self check-in machine achieve

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
Now there is a device that has become a very popular device in many hotels. This device is now a very popular self-check-in machine. This device is very popular with hotels and guesthouses of all sizes when it is launched. Many hotels have taken action very much. Introduced into the hotel for internal use, the use effect is also very obvious, and it is highly praised by customers staying in the hotel. Picture: The self-check-in machine may not be very familiar to some people, and everyone may be very curious about this device. What functions can this device achieve? The author will give you a simple answer below. The self check-in machine supports online room selection, UnionPay card transaction payment, self-service card making, receipt printing, advertising, membership function, recharge function, etc. Customers can check in and check out directly on the self-service check-in machine, which saves a lot of operating costs for the hotel and brings customers a better and faster experience.
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