What is buffet's visit to the aircraft? What is the role?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Self-help's visit to the aircraft is one of the traditional visitor registration, or equipment for visiting personnel information registration, but the overall effect is much more powerful than traditional manual registration and but the function of the buffet's visit to the aircraft need according to the different scenarios, to determine the function, such as the general factory visit registration, information is certainly don't need to register so detailed, but if be in the military area commands or places strict, are certainly very detailed information registration, the following just to give you the detailed information about what is buffet's visit to the aircraft, what is the role! Visit to jet is a collection of computer, touch screen handwriting, fingerprint biometric, radio frequency identification, character identification ( OCR) , thermal printing, bar code certificate, hardware encryption, digital camera, automatic system, witness identification, such as network technology at an organic whole. Comprehensive record, save visitors visiting personnel documents information, image information and access to information, and provide convenient way to visit the data query. Will now manually fill out the registration management, telephone counseling surveyed people change the traditional methods for digital registration office, security, network management, eliminating the handwritten fill in the registration time is long, missing documents information false, is not easy to save, the difficulty of information query. 's visit to the plane of the role: 1, the identity can be recognized, if is a fake identity is not identified. 2, can effectively the id scanning, can accurate record of the visitor information, don't need a visitor to written information, effectively ensures the accuracy of the information recorded. 3, can effective article entrance card/visiting to the visiting guests to register and log out, and all the records will be saved, can also be queried. 4, strengthening the registration of the enterprise for foreign personnel management, improve enterprise image. To visit the aircraft available in schools, government, army, courts, factories, enterprises and institutions and other areas. Can also expand the entrance guard, brake, ladder, and other products. Information on self-service terminal equipment research and development production of 15 years, professional to provide self-service terminal solution, for details, please contact: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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