What is no supermarket?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
In recent years, there is no supermarket began to cause the attention of everyone, the concept of retail giants have vc. No one supermarket began to market, to test the waters. So you know what no one supermarket is? The rise of 1, and the concept of supermarket no supermarket is Amazon go concept put forward by Amazon, and then to the domestic giant start financing to implement and test the waters. One, ali no supermarkets' for coffee, bean fruit box is very popular online. Thus began a major high-tech enterprise target market, technical research, no one is today's supermarket or a convenience store. Really did open 24 hours a day, not the cashier, free the choose and buy, and code. Constitution of 2, no one no one about what are the main components of the supermarket? The construction of the first is no supermarket entrance guard system, including facial recognition screen, magnetic voice and sound alarm. About the supermarket within the propaganda is mainly composed of smart shelves display screen, electronic somewhere you, screen and so on a series of propaganda poster. Of course also comes with self-service register for customer code checkout. Above is the author understanding of unmanned supermarket, hope everybody can through my explanation understands there is no supermarket.
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