What is the difference between bank automatic machines and self-service terminals?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
What is the difference between bank automatic machines and self-service terminals? You should have used the ATM machine, but for the bank's automatic deposit machine with self-service terminals or don't understand, so the author is to introduce the next: bank self-help terminal function mainly includes: cash, cash deposits, cash deposit and withdrawal, balance query, or bank transfer, the basic function such as change the password; Some multi-functional self-service terminal also provide certificate such as printing, envelopes, print statements, a checking account deposits, capture expends, prepaid phone, and a series of convenient services. Self-service equipment self-service equipment including cash and non-cash self-service equipment. Cash self-service equipment: self-service equipment can provide for the customer withdrawals, deposits, transfers, query, change passwords, etc. Including the ATM ( ATM) , automatic deposit machine ( CDM) , different all-in-one ( CRS) Such as equipment. Non-cash self-service terminals: provide comprehensive self service business in addition to cash, including inquiry, transfer, self service hairpin, acting capture to expend, finance, fill the passbook, print statements, online banking, and financial information query and other multi-functional business. Including the passbook for boarding, self-help gets, self service pay cost, self-service card machine, multimedia kiosks, IC card deposit machine, self-help net silver machine, etc.
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