What is the meaning of kiosks?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
What is the meaning of kiosks? People's life style has already marched into the era of intelligent, kiosks, complied with the needs of the development of science and technology, intelligent era is widely used in finance, securities, telecommunications, postal, public security, fire control, medical, insurance and other service hall, there are airports, railway stations, hotels, hotel, museum, library and other public places. So kiosks, how to understand? Kiosks have beautiful and concise, the appearance of durable, shape structure conforms to modern people for engineering design, the main structure material used full steel structure surface spraying quality outdoor plastic powder, effective waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, dust-proof, wear-resistant and adapt to their surroundings. Internal function modular structure design, motherboard, memory, SSD, camera, card reader, printers, and other products together, makes the overall product operation to achieve reliable and stable. Self-help all-in-one self-help fill stand-alone kiosks is a kind of electronic information network terminal equipment. Touch screen has quick response speed, easy to communicate, the host is responsible for data processing, information exchange, combining relevant software and host the touch screen is tied and other functional devices, users just click on it gently touch screen above or text to the system operation, can realize the human-computer interaction information transfer or business to deal with. Kiosks is a series of can provide round-the-clock self-service and the operation is simple and convenient intelligent terminal equipment. Convenient daily fees and electronic payment service by the majority of users, kiosks in daily life to achieve the including utilities, phone payment, the ticket purchase, welfare lottery ticket purchase, show ticket, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance payment, bank transfer, credit card payments, bank card balance inquiries and other convenient features. Users can, for example, in the financial industry in self-service terminal for book printing, print statements, a cheque, payment, account inquiry, self-help transfer, repair, self-help report the loss of business is dealt with; In the communications industry users through kiosks, enter the phone number, can be self help stop to deal with mobile phone boot, billing query and print, mobile payment, invoice printing and other basic business is dealt with; In the industry of social security affairs, the user can through the self-service terminal individual ginseng protects registration information, self-help pay cost, health care, personal information changes such as business is dealt with, can also be used for insurance, medical, public security and so on industries. Kiosks, therefore, is a combination of hardware and software of network terminal equipment, is also a kind of work for the life of people to provide various types of self-service intelligent electronic devices, is had the information interaction, 24-hour self-help service, to provide users with comfortable, efficient and considerate self-service intelligent terminal equipment.
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