What is the role scenic self-help to sell the tickets system?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
With the advent of the summer tourist season, in a lot of scenic spots, tourist tickets has become a problem, often need to be done on the long queue to buy tickets. Near and got a lot of 'cow' sell premium seats, this would cause many tourists, reduce the degree of satisfaction. Because visit scenic spots should be a worth happy thing, produced the unpleasant results because of the ticket, that thed loss outweights the gain. The scenic spot self-help sales pick up ticket system is then very good solve these problems, the scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system has the following functions: 1, improve the work efficiency: scenic spot self-help to sell the tickets system adopts electronic ticketing and check-in, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the computer automatically printed tickets, tickets for check-in on automatic equipment, improve the work efficiency; 2, put an end to human tickets: according to the present situation, at present a lot of scenic spots in the link using artificial means, so that staff can easily into the familiar visitors enter directly, do not need to buy tickets. If, in accordance with the authority to predict 10% of the ticket rate calculation, each year about 50000 people a ticket, if calculated at 100 yuan tickets, ticket amount is 5 million yuan, huge economic loss. 3, prevent fraud, although not present being cheated, but other tourist attractions in the country a fake ticket, manual recount cannot distinguish; 4, improve the image of the scenic spot: artificial tickets for domestic and foreign electronic ticket management of tourist attractions is lagging behind. Using electronic ticket system, can improve the quality of employees, realize standardized management. To improve the image of scenic spot, improve the management level, promote the spiritual civilization construction has great significance. 5, improve the level of management, computer network management, can quickly by the software of automatic passenger traffic statistics day, month and year traffic and appropriate financial data, such as ticket sales can automatically generate and print various formats of financial statements, provide the basis for scientific management; This is a manual ticket can't. 6, save the ticket time: scenic spot self-help support site ticket sold the ticket system, three payment method: union pay, pay treasure, WeChat pay the ticket, give us save a lot of time, also make our trip more comfortable. Now people goes out to play in, will book the tickets online in advance, after arriving in the scenic area, through self-service ticketing system to collect the tickets of the scenic spot into the scenic spot. No longer fear after arrived at the scene, queuing, crowded the tickets again. At the same time it can also use of bank CARDS in the scenic spot self-help to sell tickets on site, collect the tickets system can also collect the tickets by scanning qr code. They are to use which way we save time, but also brought convenient, and for scenic spot ticket sales personnel, this also is a kind of welfare. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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