Where are the theater self-service ticket machines generally used?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
In addition to work, we also have to enjoy life. In daily life, we also go to the cinema to watch movies. Especially when New Year’s films are being screened, the theaters are overcrowded. It is really difficult for movie fans to buy tickets on the spot. Movie fans complain about it. However, now the website is very developed, and you can buy ours if you have a computer with Internet access. Tickets, as long as the tickets are taken out before watching the movie. The self-service ticket vending machine in the theater is what realizes this function for us, which provides people with a fast and convenient ticketing channel. Picture: Cinema self-service ticket vending machines Generally, cinema self-service ticket vending machines are used at the ticket window. Citizens can buy movie tickets with bank cards or cash. At the same time, citizens can also choose their seats in the theater on the screen of the ticket vending machine. Of course, its functions are not limited to these. At the same time, it can also check movie scenes, movie introductions, and play movie clips on the ticket machine, which is convenient for citizens to use, and no longer troubles the ticket sellers, and has the power of self-selection. Since the cinema has joined the cinema self-service ticket vending machine, people who buy movie tickets stay in the ticket hall for less time. The corresponding reduction in the use of labor may soon replace the workers and sell tickets to the public.
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