Where is the self check-in machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
Hotel check-in is what every customer must do when entering a hotel. And often the passenger flow of the hotel increases sharply within a certain period of time, which often results in customers waiting in line when checking in. This not only provokes customers’ complaints about the hotel’s services, but also makes later people feel the hotel’s Poor work efficiency, and giving up staying in this hotel will have a huge impact on the image and income of the hotel. In order to solve the above problems, the hotel used the hotel self-check-in machine to solve the problem. Picture: The most direct way to solve the queuing problem with the self-service check-in machine is to increase the window for handling check-in procedures. In this era of extremely high labor costs, the use of manpower cannot achieve the goal of saving costs. Self-service check-in machines are available at the right time. They are used to replace manual check-in machines for passengers. Passengers can check in quickly, increase the check-in window through the passage, and the later maintenance costs are also extremely low, and are in line with the long-term development strategy of the company . It can be said that the self-service check-in machine has many benefits, not only saving operating costs, but also improving the hotel's service level.
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