Wisdom intelligence and settlement of restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Wisdom restaurant has been out for a long time, is the pursuit of the wisdom of the restaurant pattern instead of artificial intelligent technology implementation services. But will retain certain service staff to cope with the needs of the customers, while reducing costs, also hope to be able to improve the customer's dining experience. Then units to the settlement of the wisdom of the restaurant intelligent application for wisdom restaurant have what change? The authors find out right away. Used in the intelligent settlement in wisdom restaurant, is visual and settlement. Because we have a lot of artificial in our traditional restaurant to undertake the work of clearing, but can lead to settlement with low efficiency, and clearing the probability of error is quite high. So as wisdom restaurant affirmation is to avoid the occurrence of this kind of situation, bring more efficient operation to the restaurant. So, visual and settlement are being used in the restaurant wisdom, by using visual AI settlement to speed up the settlement of the restaurant. The use of visual and settlement stage, can give customers a better dining experience, less time you line up settlement. Say visual settlement platform is intelligent settlement platform can not just because its can be settled, and because of its digital information service. Visual settlement can identify and settlement process, automatic record of consumption amount and dishes. This feature can help merchants in good restaurant business data, businesses can know the restaurant's operating income at any time. And food consumption can also see, can help businesses according to the situation of restaurant dishes, make some activity or promotion based on judgment. Visual application can let dining-room table in the restaurant to the settlement of more efficient, and businesses can according to the feedback of visual and settlement stage of adjustment, more intelligent. Wisdom of the restaurant intelligent settlement platform application for business management, or a meal is good for the customer.
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