Wisdom meal times, self-service order system power transformation and upgrading of the restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
With the continuous improvement of urbanization level, the food industry in recent years also entered a high-speed development period, but a lot of food and beverage outlets are limited by high store rent, raw materials and artificial cost, result in restaurant operations. In such cases, if food and beverage outlets don't transition will be in serious danger of collapse. Science and technology is committed to the integration of management mode of new intelligent dining restaurant, merchants solve help catering business pain points. In view of the traditional food stores operating difficulties, self-help order system from sweeping code order, cashier, delivery, marketing, supply chain members, and value-added services, etc to multidimensional enable merchants, for food and beverage outlets intelligent upgrade. The self service order system to the customer and the restaurant what good? To customers: the benefits of order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, fast order, payment, catering, room process. Efficient way of ordering, improving customer order experience, at the same time saves the customer in the periods of peak dining long queues waiting time. To the restaurant, the benefits of self-help order order system not only can improve the customer experience, also enables merchants output 30% lower labor costs, staff turnover risk and the risk of employees' service quality; In discount, festival marketing, quarterly dishes adjustment when reduce the cost to print, Order checkout automation, avoid consumers and businesses is a waste of time, speed up the kitchen after catering, reduce customer retention time in the table, effectively improve the rate of turn table. In today's intelligent technology development, science and technology, continuous efforts, has developed more in line with market demand, more popular with the catering businesses quality wisdom catering software and hardware products!
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