Wisdom restaurant is the new direction of food and beverage industry

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
In recent years, the food industry has been in the target to the wisdom of the restaurant. Various restaurants start wise entered the stage of the reform of the restaurant has become the new trend of the food industry. Merchants attaches great importance to the reform of the restaurant is good, then let the author introduce you to the wisdom of the current food specific situation. Traditional restaurants are rely on artificial to solve the problem of service, cost is relatively high. But now the wisdom of the restaurant is more comprehensive, pay attention to the dining experience of customers, the use of information technology to bring us more convenient way of eating. Wisdom restaurant is mainly divided into eat-in and delivery of two modes, online can be selling point meal outside through the APP, then there will be a takeaway for distribution. Also can through the APP order in advance, and then can be directly take food to restaurant. In the dining room, can be ordered through self service order machine, also can choose take-out and eat-in two modes. This is for the convenience of many customers to use don't use the APP. Can and the wisdom of the restaurant is now by the customer's order to automatically transmit the information to the kitchen printer, and then customers can look up on the monitor screen of a station to station at the same time. And decorate the intelligent wisdom restaurants take food ark, can facilitate customer point meal can directly take food in the shop. Whole is reduced a lot of service personnel, would leave behind only one or two service personnel to deal with emergency and guidance. The wisdom of the restaurant mode is more technology products through to reduce operating costs, artificial and use more new products customers dining experience, to create a more convenient dining mode for everyone. Wisdom model is very close to the demand of the market of the restaurant, take-out and eat-in balance development, this is the new direction of the food industry.
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