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Zhangjiajie glass bridge about? The scenic spot self-service machine help you cloud feel suffocated beauty!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
With the arrival of the peak of the summer vacation, students and parents has become the main force of tourism. China's vast, beautiful natural scenery is also widely distributed in the provinces. Located in the northwest of hunan zhangjiajie, for example, have impressive scenery, and in addition to the unique natural scenery beautiful, tianmen mountain glass plank road, guiguzi plank road, borne avenue, artificial construction such as the dragon ladder scene also adds charm to zhangjiajie, specialist in a fear of heights. Such as zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge officially opened this month, will surely make zhangjiajie more renowned at home and abroad. As a very hot topic recently, is the world's worst zhangjiajie glass bridge will open! The first batch of visitors already back on my knees! Zhangjiajie bridge deck laying tempered anti-slip glass, glass is 3 layers of laminated glass, high safety, after will become the world's first diagonal alpine valleys glass bridge. At the appointed time will attract a large number of visitors to experience. In order to let visitors in the scenic spot ticket collect the tickets more convenient, zhangjiajie scenic spot need to install scenic self-service machine in spots. Scenic spot self-service machine has the following functions: 1, completely put an end to fake tickets to bring the huge economic loss, eliminate hole; 2, the Internet background management center, the leader can always control the client through the background to check each scenic spot ticket real-time data, financial income data, at the same time can make each scenic spot management process, through the network greatly improved the work; 3, set by the software management process, such as setting up tickets, ticket prices, the period of validity, etc; 4, using electronic ticketing improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; 5, instead of the manual before financial statistics, and save all the fare collection system database server information, the system can automatically statistics all the ticket information and financial data, automatically by the software can also generate and print various forms of financial statements; 6, strong expansibility, reserve the system construction of software and hardware interface, easy to increase the number of sales terminals, also easy to dock with the scenic spot other systems; 7, the construction of e-commerce platform, realize the online payment - Tickets online - Automatically collect the tickets, increase the traffic area, convenience, tourists to buy tickets at the same time enhance the image of the scenic spot, 8, the scenic area construction of several independent self-service ticketing system, network operation, such as the local bureau of parks and woods or several scenic area tourism development company under the management of construction network operation platform for the electronic ticket system, the bureau of parks and woods or construction development company; 'Life, if not met, zhangjiajie, will be a lack of color', everyone come and feel the zhangjiajie glass bridge the breathtaking coexist with the beauty of the world miracle! The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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