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Buhler visit


Warmly welcome Gary Yates, President of TS Group, Switzerland Headquarters, Mr. Meng Zong, Vice President of Buhler China, Mr. Li, President of Buhler China Supply Chain, Mr. Xu Zong, President of Buhler Shenzhen, and more than 40 leaders of the Production Department of Ning and Buhler Group A visit to our company.


With more than 150 years of history, the Swiss Buhler Group is a global leader in food machinery and die casting machines. This time, it will become a demonstration supplier of lean production of Buhler Group. It is a great honor to gather together with so many production and manufacturing experts from the Buhler Group factories to communicate and develop together. The efforts of our Hongzhou team for many years have also been highly recognized by the leaders and experts of the Buhler Group, and I am extremely proud of my team.

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