Campus printing has become a fashion, what changes have self-service printers brought about?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
With the development of campus sharing economy, campus printing has gradually become a fashion. Once campus self-service printers have been applied in various places on campus, they have received extensive attention from campus teachers and students. What changes has the campus self-printing all-in-one machine brought to the campus? Change 1: The number of people waiting in the campus printing room has been significantly reduced. In the past, there were always a lot of people at the end of the term or temporary printing of materials in the printing room, and it took a long time. But now campus self-service printers have brought personnel diversion, and many students can complete the materials on the campus self-printing all-in-one machine. Printing is more convenient. Picture: Self-service printer change 2: Library personnel are more concentrated. The use of self-printing all-in-one machines in the library can meet the printing problems of students on the way to read books. Printing can be completed without going out of the gate of the library, which improves library services and facilitates students. Change 3: The printing time of students is more dispersed. Because campus self-service printers are not limited by time and can print 24 hours a day, students no longer print all the materials at one time, but adopt a distributed printing mode, which is more convenient to print at any time. The use of campus self-service printers has greatly promoted the construction of smart campuses, and brought more convenient and fashionable new printing methods to schools.
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