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Hongzhou Smart, a member of Hongzhou Group, we are ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 certified and UL approved corporation. 

As a leading Self-Service Kiosk/ATM turnkey solution provider and manufacturer, Hongzhou Smart has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering more than 450000+ units of Self-service machines to the global market.

With a professional engineering team, leading precision sheet metal fabrication and kiosk assembly lines, Hongzhou Smart has been developing and manufacturing the best hardware and firmware technology for intelligent self-service terminals, we can offer customers one-stop ODM and OEM Smart kiosk solutions from kiosk design, kiosk cabinet fabrication, kiosk function module selection, kiosk assembly, and kiosk testing in house.

Our self service kiosks/ATM/CDM are popular in over 90 countries, ODM and OEM Self-Service kiosks solution include ATM/CDM, Cryptocurrency/Currency Exchange Kiosk, E-Government Kiosk, Self-Order Kiosks, Retails Checkout Kiosk, Hospital Kiosk, Hotel  Check-in Kiosk, Financial Kiosk, Bill payment Kiosk, HR Kiosk, Locker Kiosk, Ticketing Kiosk, Information Kiosk, Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk, Lottery Vending Machine, Library kiosk, Outdoor Digital Signage, Vending Machine, Gaming Kiosks, etc. They are widely used in the Bank, Government, Hotel, Retail, Traffic, Shopping Mall, Hospital, Medicine, Scenic and Cinema, Telecom, Transportation, Municipal Affairs, Social Insurance, Environmental Protection, etc.

Our Smart POS and kiosk solution are popular in over 90 countries, cover all in one smart payment POS, hotel kiosk, ticketing kiosk, hospital kiosk,i nquiry kiosk, library kiosk, payment kiosk, vending kiosk etc. They are widely used in bank, securities, traffic, shopping mall, hotel, retail, communications, medicine and cinema.



A member of Shenzhen Hongzhou Group,  ISO9001,ISO13485,IATF16949 certified China Hi-Tech corporation.


Need  custom smart kiosk machine solution and post solution service? Welcome to tell us your requirements!

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